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Game Localization

Connect Globally with WLC

Successful global games understand the importance of reaching player communities worldwide. That's why WLC combines industry expertise, specialized services, and advanced technology to help you connect with your target audiences wherever they may be. Expand your reach, engage players in multiple languages, and unlock the full potential of your game.

Creative Writing

Unleash the many layers of your story to the world

Editing & Proofreading

Enhance Your Content with Native-Level Reviewers

Text Translation

Translate your player-facing marketing and support content into any language.


Capture the essence of ideas by appealing to cultural and local contexts, not just literal words.

At WLC, we empower cost and time savings in game releases across global markets with our advanced tools and technologies. Serving game developers of all scales, our support spans 130+ languages, handling billions of words each year. With an extensive network of gaming-focused linguists, WLC stands as the top choice for game developers and distributors, offering unrivaled human- and AI-based translation and localization services.

Trusted Quality

With 20 years of experience providing language services for the the world's multinational companies, organizations and government bodies.










We’re proud of the company we keep

Top companies from all over the world come to us when they want to engage with global audiences in new markets. From retail and travel companies to financial services and life sciences organizations, we’re the leading choice for professional translations in over 170 languages with more than 10,000 native-speaking linguists.