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Data Security

As a GSA certified language service provider, we understand the importance of data security. Breaches of classified, confidential and secret information can lead to severe consequences, including lawsuits, reputation damage, and compromised verdicts. The primary risk is unauthorized access to sensitive data, which can be used for blackmail or manipulation. Protecting personal information, case specifics, and financial data is particularly important.

To enhance data security for confidential and secure documents and media files, WLC utilizes secure transmission methods, with managed permissions access, and we educate our staff on cybersecurity, classifying data, and how to anonymize information. By employing skilled technology professionals, implementing secure transmission and storage methods, advanced email encryption, and effective monitoring we ensure compliance with data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

We comply with privacy laws throughout the translation workflow process, following retention guidelines and best practices for data storage. WLC prioritizes data security through comprehensive staff training, cutting-edge technologies like multi-factor authentication, intrusion prevention systems and strict security policies.

Additionally, we use encryption for email and storage of protected health information (PHI) which still maintains 24/7 secure access. Our translators are well versed in handling sensitive data, complying with privacy standards, and ensuring client privacy across various industries.

Overall, data security in legal translation demands robust measures, compliance with regulations, and the adoption of secure technologies to safeguard confidential information effectively.

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