About Us


World Language Communications

We are an international language service provider serving blue chip companies, governments, clinics, hospitals, law firms, media companies, institutions, and associations around the world.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California and specializes in translation and interpreting. At WLC, we work with hundreds of clients in countless industries, customizing each project based on the individual needs of the client, region, dialect, and demographic.

We Will Meet Your Needs

We provide a full range of translation and interpreting services including document translation, website translation, interpretation, subtitling and voiceovers, multicultural consultation, website localization, software localization, desktop publishing, deposition services, conference interpreting and much more. Our language experts not only provide professional translation in languages that range from the most commonly spoken languages such as English to Spanish, Spanish to English, Portuguese to English, English to French, English to German, English to Chinese, and English to Japanese, but we also specialize in literally any language and language pair from all areas of the world.

Professional & Experienced

WLC counts on the the expert translation knowledge of thousands of language specialists such as translators, interpreters, editors and teachers. All of our translators specialize in a specific industry and many are not only professional translators but are also certified specialists in those fields, with advanced legal, medical, business, technology, education and media degrees.