Whether it’s a large conference, an informal meeting, a legal proceeding, a medical appointment, a live interaction, or a phone call, there are numerous situations where interpreting services become essential. These services play a significant role in facilitating communication for participants who do not speak or understand the primary language. At WLC, we offer a range of certified and qualified interpreting options, including in-person, video, and phone-based interpreters. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for all participants and productive interactions in any engagement you require.

Our interpreters are heavily vetted and approved by the world’s leading linguist accrediting organizations, including:

CCHI offers a national certification for healthcare interpreters in the United States, promoting quality and competency in healthcare interpreting.

NBCMI provides a certification program for medical interpreters, ensuring they meet recognized national standards for medical interpreting.

Although primarily focused on translation, ATA also offers certification for interpreters, including language-specific certifications for spoken language interpreters.

NAJIT is a professional association that offers certification for judiciary interpreters, ensuring high standards of interpretation in legal settings.

CIT is an organization dedicated to the professional development of interpreters and offers certification for sign language interpreters, including the Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) credential.

RID is the national association for sign language interpreters in the United States and offers various certifications, including the Certified Interpreter (CI) and the National Interpreter Certification (NIC).

AIIC is a global organization for professional conference interpreters and maintains high standards for conference interpreting. While it doesn’t provide certifications, AIIC membership is highly regarded in the industry.


Consecutive Interpretation:

In one-on-one or small group settings, consecutive interpretation is used to facilitate communication between individuals speaking different languages. The process involves one party speaking and pausing while the interpreter speaks, waits for a response, and then interprets the response back to the original speaker. We also offer remote consecutive interpretation when in-person interactions are not possible. Our interpreters are skilled in efficiently and professionally conveying meaning.

Simultaneous Interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation is typically employed in large conferences and meetings where multiple languages are required and the audience has diverse language needs. Also known as UN-style interpretation, interpreters work in isolated booths, listening to the speaker through a headset and providing real-time translation into a microphone. The translation is wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn by the audience. Delivering this service requires highly trained interpreters and specialized equipment, which we can provide for on-site or remote simultaneous interpretation.

Conference Services:

Our Conference Services group offers comprehensive solutions to ensure the success of your global in-person or remote meetings. We provide on-site interpretation services, including simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, or escort interpretation. Our services also cover American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, assistive listening devices, closed captioning for the hearing-impaired, translation of conference materials, on-site coordinators and meeting planners, conference website localization, audio and video transcription, interpretation equipment rental, and recorded interpretation for virtual conferences. Each meeting is assigned a specialty event manager to support your objectives and ensure smooth operations.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI):

WLC Connect specializes in over-the-phone interpretation services, offering instant language barrier resolution. Unlike many other OPI providers that use overseas or at-home interpreters, our calls are routed to US-based call centers in Arizona. We can serve as your primary OPI workforce or flexibly accommodate your overflow needs. By combining our OPI service with other language services, we can ensure consistent brand interactions across your organization.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI):

WLC’s VRI solutions utilize advanced web-access video services, enabling voice and video conferences and group collaboration sessions between client representatives, qualified language interpreters, and non-English-speaking customers or stakeholders. Our VRI solutions are device-independent and can be accessed on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones from anywhere with an internet connection.

Escort/Travel Interpretation:

We offer escort/travel interpretation services for individuals or small groups seeking medical care in another country, foreign travelers, and hosts accommodating visitors from abroad. This informal service aims to make people, destinations, and cultures accessible to anyone. It can be used for tours, sightseeing, traveling delegations, interviews, and assisting international visitors.


Soundproof booths used in simultaneous interpretation settings, where interpreters listen to the speaker through a headset and deliver the interpretation into a microphone. The sound is transmitted wirelessly or through cables to the audience wearing headsets.

A control unit used by interpreters in simultaneous interpretation. It includes buttons, channels, and volume controls to manage the interpretation process.

Lightweight headphones worn by interpreters to listen to the speaker’s speech during simultaneous interpretation. They can be wireless or wired, providing clear audio reception.

Used by interpreters to deliver the interpreted speech during simultaneous interpretation. They can be handheld or attached to the interpreting console or booth.

Compact devices with wireless transmitters and receivers used for whispered interpreting (chuchotage). The interpreter whispers the interpretation directly to the listener’s ear, using a headset or a small microphone.

Portable devices used in guided tours or small group settings. The interpreter speaks into a microphone, and participants listen through receivers or headphones, allowing interpretation without disturbing others.

Utilize video conferencing technology to connect interpreters and participants in different locations. Participants can communicate with the interpreter through video calls, enabling real-time interpretation.

Telephone-based services that connect interpreters with clients through conference calls. Participants can communicate with the interpreter over the phone, overcoming language barriers.

Partner with WLC today to leverage our expertise and ensure that your telecom business thrives in global markets. Together, we will deliver personalized, frictionless experiences to customers while safeguarding your intellectual property and meeting all necessary compliance requirements.

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