Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Translation

If your litigation case necessitates prompt document translation, court hearing interpreters, or on-site language assistance, WLC offers a range of specialized litigation support services designed to meet your language needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Our portfolio of services ensures timely delivery and adherence to your budgetary constraints.

Our commitment is to deliver optimal outcomes with our legal translations for your litigation case.

WLC is widely acknowledged by our clients in the United States and worldwide as a prominent translation provider in international litigation and arbitration. With our extensive expertise in cross-border matters, we stand ready to assist you throughout every step of the litigation process.

Since 2010, legal firms and large corporations alike have relied on our services, entrusting us to translate a diverse range of materials spanning various types of cases.

Examples of our litigation translation projects:

On a daily basis, we offer litigation translation and interpreting services to clients both in the United States and worldwide. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, such as property, insurance, banking, defamation, breach of contract, and employment law, among others. Here are a few instances of our past work:

On a daily basis, we offer litigation translation and interpreting services to clients both in the United States and worldwide. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, such as property, insurance, banking, defamation, breach of contract, and employment law, among others. Here are a few instances of our past work:

Immigration Law Translation

We offer swift and certified translations of immigration documents, along with comprehensive notarization services, spanning over 130 languages.

WLC specializes in translating a comprehensive selection of official immigration-related documents with exceptional speed. With our extensive experience translating tens of millions of words in immigration documents since 2010, WLC has established itself as a highly trusted provider of immigration law translation services in the United States and throughout the world.

Our regular translation assignments encompass a wide range of documents, including certificates, work permits, visas and visa applications, workforce mobility documents, as well as various legislative and regulatory materials for clients both domestically and internationally.

Irrespective of the immigration law documents you require translation for, we consistently uphold our commitment to delivering certified translations of the highest quality with swift turnaround times.

Certified Translation Services for Immigration Law

In the realm of immigration law, the certification of translations holds significant importance. As a GSA certified translation company, WLC can provide you with an official certificate that verifies the accuracy of the translation. This certificate serves as a confirmation that the translation was conducted by a professional translation agency. It will be dated and signed on our letterhead by a member of our team.

Certification requirements may vary depending on the country. However, our team of linguists and in-house production experts are well-versed in the legal systems prevalent in London, the UK, and worldwide. With our extensive experience, we can assist you in meeting your immigration translation requirements, regardless of the jurisdiction you are targeting.

Moreover, we can even facilitate the notarization and legalization of documents intended for submission in foreign jurisdictions. This saves you the hassle of having to arrange these processes separately.


Intellectual Property Translation

To safeguard your intellectual property (IP) rights abroad, WLC is here to assist you with the translation of all necessary applications, trademarks, and patents that need to be submitted in any country.

With our team’s profound understanding of legal systems and linguistic expertise, we provide comprehensive support throughout your IP translation project.

In today’s fiercely competitive and globally interconnected economy, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) rights in foreign markets is crucial. WLC’s dedicated Intellectual Property translation services assist clients in the United States and worldwide in protecting their IP assets overseas.

In most instances, securing your Intellectual Property rights necessitates submitting a translated version of the application document in the national language of the target country where you seek to register your product or service.

Our skilled IP translators possess extensive experience in this highly specialized domain. They fully comprehend the significance of employing accurate terminology, legal jargon, and meeting stringent deadlines.

Comprehensive Support for IP Translation Processes

As a specialized legal translation company, our dedicated in-house production team is equipped to provide expert assistance throughout the entire IP translation process.

In addition to translating trademark and patent applications for our clients in the United States and worldwide, we also offer translation services for technical documentation associated with the export of patented products, patent infringement matters, and litigation across various industries.

Examples of Intellectual Property Translation

  • Regular translation of case law, technical documentation, expert reports, and patent registration documents in relation to claims for patent infringement.
  • Coverage of diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals, computer software, industrial machinery, aerospace, chemicals, and many others.
  • Translation of expert reports, case law, and other relevant documents related to claims for infringement of industrial design rights, copyrights, and trademarks, encompassing a wide range of globally recognized brands.

Our translation services cater to numerous globally renowned insurance and reinsurance companies, assisting them in significant litigation and dispute resolution cases.

WLC is your trusted partner for all your insurance translation needs, offering a wide range of services from translating claims investigations and policy documents to proofreading expert reports.

Insurance professionals and legal practitioners both in the United States and internationally rely on us to provide high-quality translations of insurance materials within tight deadlines.

Our expertise covers various insurance and reinsurance-related documents, including insurance policies, policy updates, evidence bundles, legal briefs, and expert reports.

Moreover, we offer language services to our insurance clients for a broad spectrum of cases, such as insurance fraud, bank fraud, negligence, tax evasion, bribery, embezzlement, and money laundering.

Rest assured that our dedicated in-house production team will meticulously select the most suitable translator for your insurance translation project. We ensure that the linguist possesses the necessary qualifications and extensive experience relevant to your specific documents after a thorough review and assessment.

Our team of insurance translators consists exclusively of qualified professionals who have successfully undergone a rigorous recruitment process. Not only are they native speakers of the target language, but they also possess specialized knowledge of the terminology specific to the insurance industry.

Many of our translators are affiliated with esteemed professional bodies such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) or the American Translators Association (ATA). Their extensive experience and expertise allow them to accurately convey the nuances and complexities of insurance-related content.

With the majority of our linguists having worked with us for over five years, they are dedicated to going above and beyond to assist our clients with urgent translation requests. Their commitment ensures timely and reliable delivery of translations, even under challenging circumstances.

We have successfully completed various insurance translation projects in the United States, including notable examples such as translating 50,000 words from Slovak to English for a company handling an insurance claim involving a claimant

in Mexico. Additionally, we recently undertook a three-month project consisting of nearly 1 million words, requiring the collaboration of 30 translators simultaneously, in partnership with the Department of Justice and The Hague.

Rest assured, our specialized insurance translators possess the necessary expertise to provide certified translations tailored to your specific case.

At WLC, we specialize in family law translations, catering to countless languages ranging from even including languages of limited diffusion and rare languages. Our dedicated team is capable of delivering these translations promptly, even on short notice.

We specialize in the prompt and certified translation of Family Law documents, catering to various urgent needs. This includes pre-nuptial agreements, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, as well as matters pertaining to wills, probate, and estate planning.

Since 2010, we have been providing accurate and certified translation services to lawyers practicing Family Law in the United States and worldwide.

The increasing globalization and changing migration patterns have led to a significant rise in the demand for Family Law translation services. As a result, this field encompasses a diverse range of languages beyond the more traditional languages of commerce and law.

With coverage of over 130 language combinations and a range of certification services, we offer our Family Law clients in the United States and around the globe a fast and efficient translation service that meets international standards.

Our in-house production team and linguists possess extensive experience and knowledge of legal systems in the United States, the European Union, and various other jurisdictions worldwide. They can provide valuable guidance on suitable certification options for any Family Law translation.

All our translators undergo a rigorous vetting process and adhere to the requirements of ISO 17100:2015, ensuring accurate and high-quality translations for your case.

Before delivering the translation, our in-house production team conducts thorough proof-checking to ensure the quality meets the required standards.

We also offer expert legal interpreting services for Family Law cases in over 200 languages, available at short notice. Whether you need a legal interpreter for an urgent court case or on-site at your office for a meeting, we will find the most suitable linguist for your needs.

At WLC, we prioritize the confidentiality of all parties involved in Family Law translations. Therefore, our linguists are bound by strict confidentiality terms before undertaking any translation or interpreting assignments on our behalf.

Commodities and Energy Translation

We collaborate with numerous prominent commodities and energy companies, providing translation services for both their in-house general counsels and their retained law firms.

We specialize in translating a wide range of documents for the commodities and energy sectors. This encompasses engineering reports, environmental reports, feasibility studies, procurement documentation, technical specifications, health and safety documents, and contracts.

WLC is the trusted partner of leading multinational corporations and international law firms in the United States and worldwide when it comes to crucial energy and commodities translations.

In these sectors, you may require translations for a diverse set of documents, ranging from technical information such as drilling and equipment evaluations to legal and financial documents.

We understand the mission-critical nature of the results we deliver and strive to maintain the highest quality standards in our specialist commodities and energy translations.

This level of precision is essential in helping our clients achieve their objectives, whether it involves securing new exploration or drilling rights, making investments, or entering new markets.

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