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Catering to travelers’ language preferences is crucial for any organization in the travel and hospitality industry. Ensuring seamless communication regardless of their destination or mode of transportation is paramount. Did you know that 78% of travelers prefer browsing websites in their native language? Prepare to accommodate individuals from all corners of the globe with the comprehensive language support offered by WLC.

Tailored solutions to meet the needs of every sector in the travel and hospitality industry

We understand the significance of delivering a consistent branded experience to your customers, regardless of their location worldwide. This is particularly vital for organizations operating in the travel and hospitality sectors. Whether you’re an airline, hotel, cruise line, car rental company, online travel agency, or destination organization, effective communication in your customers’ preferred language plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining their loyalty.

Focused Solutions

Our team of industry experts possesses comprehensive expertise in understanding and addressing the unique needs and objectives of your particular sector within the travel industry.


Enhance your agency's global presence and customer experience

Elevate your agency’s reputation and provide exceptional customer experiences to travelers worldwide by offering accurate, high-quality content and support in their preferred language throughout their entire travel journey. WLC offers translation services to assist you in achieving this goal.

From translating booking engine content and crafting specialized content for various channels, we can handle all your language and communication needs. We can also provide multilingual call center support.

With a vast network of over 7,000 translators located worldwide and in-house consultants with deep know Cedge of the travel industry, our team is fully equipped to ensure that your customers receive seamless support in their preferred language from the moment they land on your website to when they make their next travel reservation.


Enhance the cruise experience with WLC's comprehensive language services

Elevate the onboard experience for your passengers by offering a personalized and seamless journey in their preferred language. At WLC, we provide a wide range of language services tailored to the cruise industry.

From translating brochures and website content to creating a multilingual onboard app experience, we ensure that every touchpoint of the passenger’s journey is accurately and effectively communicated. Our extensive network of over 7,000 professional translators, located worldwide, ensures that translations are not only linguistically precise but also culturally appropriate for your target audience.

In addition, we offer multilingual call center services and onboard interpreting, allowing you to provide exceptional customer support and communication throughout the cruise. Our expertise in the cruise industry, combined with our commitment to delivering high-quality translations, has earned us the trust of the world’s top cruise lines. We understand the evolving needs of the industry and work closely with our clients to maximize their budget and strategy while meeting their language requirements.

Choose WLC to deliver a personalized onboard experience that leaves a lasting impression on your passengers and sets your cruise line apart from the competition.

Comprehensive Language Services for Destination
Marketing & Tourism Boards

As a destination marketing and tourism board organization, we recognize the importance of achieving your key performance indicators (KPIs) in driving tourism growth. Whether your goals involve increasing inbound tourism, boosting spend per tourist, or expanding your social audience, WLC provides language services to ensure your destination stands out among the rest.

Appeal to global tourists

To attract visitors from around the world, it’s essential to have a strong online presence, engaging content in multiple languages, and efficient multilingual customer service. At WLC, our translations, desktop publishing and interpreting services allow us to create an inclusive environment where every visitor feels welcome and at home in your destination.

Specialized Language Services for Airlines

Airlines engage with their customers at various touchpoints, from inspiring travel and trip planning to delivering exceptional customer service, crafting memorable in-flight experiences, and building loyalty programs. As passengers hail from diverse backgrounds, it is crucial for airlines to provide information and support in their preferred languages, fostering trust and connection with their valued customers.

Partnering with an airline language services specialist

Developing a robust globalization strategy and collaborating with a trusted translation partner who possesses extensive airline expertise are essential steps in shaping and executing an exceptional customer experience strategy. WLC offers linguistic solutions, enabling seamless communication and engagement with customers in any language.

Our airline-specific language services are designed to cater to the unique needs of the industry, ensuring the highest quality translations, localization, and cultural adaptation. With a deep understanding of the aviation sector, we help airlines effectively communicate their brand messaging, deliver accurate and culturally relevant content, and enhance customer satisfaction across the entire customer journey.

By choosing WLC as your language services partner, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and innovative language solutions tailored to the aviation industry. Together, we can elevate your airline’s global reach, create personalized experiences, and foster long-term loyalty with passengers from all corners of the globe.

Tailored Language Solutions for the Hotel Industry

WLC offers comprehensive language solutions tailored specifically to the needs of hospitality companies. Our offering encompasses a range of services, including translating property and booking engine content, and creating specialized content for multiple channels, such as GDS and OTAs. Additionally, we offer multilingual call center support to ensure a seamless experience for your guests.

Deliver a five-star, personalized experience in every language

From captivating online property descriptions to the smooth booking process, check-in, and on-site experience, it is crucial to provide your guests with accurate and high-quality content in their preferred languages at every touchpoint. WLC understands the importance of delivering a seamless, in-language experience that exceeds guest expectations. By availing our services, you can ensure that your guests receive exceptional service in their own language, fostering engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Enhance guest acquisition, engagement, and conversion

With our expertise in language services, we can help you acquire, engage, convert, and cultivate loyal customers by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to create a consistent and immersive in-language experience across all channels. Whether you require website and app translation, localization of digital and marketing campaigns, or expanding your call center capabilities to support additional languages, we are equipped to deliver key services or a complete solution tailored to your language requirements.

Choose WLC for language support

Partnering with WLC means a language services provider with a proven track record in the hospitality sector. Our team of skilled linguists and industry experts ensure accurate translations, cultural adaptation, and precise localization to effectively communicate your brand messaging and provide an exceptional guest experience.

Elevate your hotel’s global presence, engage diverse audiences, and create lasting guest connections with WLC’s specialized language solutions for the hotel industry. Contact us today to request a quote and discover how we can help you deliver a truly outstanding in-language experience.

Tailored Language Services for Car Rental Agencies

WLC offers a comprehensive range of language services tailored specifically to the needs of car rental agencies. Our offering encompasses various aspects, on-site signage, and kiosks, to translating website and app content, and translating your content for multiple channels. Additionally, we offer multilingual call center support to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Ensure a smooth journey in every language.

From informative online vehicle descriptions to a seamless booking process and an exceptional on-site experience, it is crucial to provide your customers with accurate and high-quality content in their preferred languages at every touchpoint. WLC understands the importance of delivering a personalized, in-language experience that meets the needs and expectations of your customers.

A global network of subject-matter experts

To ensure that your customers receive a tailored and culturally appropriate expertise but also have a deep understanding of the car rental industry. They can accurately convey your brand messaging while considering cultural nuances and preferences. As a trusted partner to the world’s leading car rental agencies, we are equipped to meet your evolving needs, maximize your budget, and align with your strategic goals.experience, we have built a professional and knowledgeable network of over 7,000 translators located around the globe. Our linguists not only possess linguistic

Choose WLC for exceptional language support

Partnering with WLC means accessing the industry’s leading language services provider with a proven track record in the car rental sector. Our team of skilled translators and industry experts ensure precise translations, cultural adaptation, and effective localization to help you create outstanding customer experiences and enhance your global presence.

Get your car rental agency ready for success on a global scale with WLC’s language services. Contact us today to request a quote and discover how we can help you deliver exceptional in-language experiences to your customers.

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