Interpreting is one of the most misunderstood and complex jobs in the world of international communication. While it clearly requires a vast internal vocabulary accessible within a matter of seconds, the best interpreters in the world understand that one cannot live on words alone.

At World Language Communications, we know there is a massive difference between translating and interpreting...
It is not enough for an interpreter to simply have experience living and working in the language, but to have experience doing it professionally.

We work with certified interpreters around the world in over 80 languages who understand not only the cultural sensitivity and respect necessary in being the voice of mothers, fathers, children, bankers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, soldiers, prisoners, teachers and the like, often during some of the most difficult or stressful moments of their lives, but to do so with a total understanding of the dialect and cultural differences between the language of each country, region, city and sometimes even neighborhood.