We have a long track record of transcription and translation of all types of audio and visual material, for a wide ranging set of clients, for both highly secret and protected files to public material, for governments, media outlets, studios, production companies, and many others.

World Language Communications also provides voiceover artists in any language and works with all types of subtitling formats.

We provide the highest quality and fast turnaround of certified transcription services to international companies and organizations in the medical, legal, media, and corporate world, creating customized solutions for each entity we work with.

Whether you are working with small or large secret or public audio files over the internet, standard definition audio or video tapes, BETACAM, Digibeta, standard digital, DVDs, close captioning, multi-media formats, in any language from any corner of the world, we work with project coordinators, sound and video editors, to ensure that your message is coming across, wherever you aim to deliver.