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WLC empowers all tech companies – from hardware manufacturers to software developers, big tech leaders to innovative startups – to launch, influence, and excel. Our comprehensive multilingual programs cover everything from product documentation and packaging to websites, support materials, AI solutions, and live customer support. With our approach, you can effectively reach and engage your customers in their preferred languages.

Fuel your growth with a forward-thinking partner

Innovation is paramount for leading technology companies. To stay focused on development and launch, WLC is the trusted choice. We can streamline the creation and deployment of multilingual content, freeing up your resources. With our continuous innovation and improved tools, the translation process becomes effortless and efficient, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters – driving innovation.

Experts in the technology industry

With our extensive experience, we have supported numerous hardware, software, app, and technology companies in their global product launches. Our comprehensive software localization solution goes beyond translation, encompassing layout and in-context review, as well as software testing for seamless user experience tailored to your target audience.

Delivering exceptional customer support

We offer a comprehensive multi-channel customer support solution to cater to your global customers' needs. Our management system empowers you to efficiently manage your files, projects, and updates with ease.

Commitment to quality

Quality is at the core of our services. We ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the localization process.


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Trusted Quality

With 20 years of experience providing language services for the the world's multinational companies, organizations and government bodies.










We’re proud of the company we keep

Top companies from all over the world come to us when they want to engage with global audiences in new markets. From retail and travel companies to financial services and life sciences organizations, we’re the leading choice for professional translations in over 170 languages with more than 10,000 native-speaking linguists.