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Elevating Translations:
Beyond Text to Locale and Language

Localization is the transformative process of taking a product, whether it's a captivating video game, an engaging website, or innovative software, and tailoring it completely to resonate with a new region's local community. The ultimate goal of localization is to create an end product that seamlessly integrates into the target culture, giving the impression that it was originally crafted specifically for that audience.

In the realm of localization, cultural nuances are paramount. It involves an intricate understanding of regional humor, irony, customs, as well as compliance with legal and linguistic requirements. For effective and accurate localization of websites, apps, video games, and other digital platforms, it is crucial to rely on the expertise of a professional localization company. These dedicated professionals possess the necessary training and certifications to ensure a seamless adaptation to the legal, cultural, and formatting intricacies of the new region.

Our expertise extends beyond language proficiency. We understand the importance of seamless integration with your existing workflows and systems. With our comprehensive approach, we can effortlessly collaborate with various resource file formats, and we offer direct integration with popular version control systems and code repositories. This ensures rapid, automated, and flawless extraction and delivery of files, empowering your localization process.

Furthermore, we offer visual localization tools that enrich the translation experience for both translators and reviewers. These tools provide contextual information through live screens or screenshots, enabling a deeper understanding of the visual aspects involved.

Our capabilities extend to seamless integration with Content Management Systems (CMS) and Component Content Management Systems (CCMS), ensuring smooth synchronization and streamlined workflows. We also provide a proxy solution to optimize performance and accessibility.

When it comes to resource file translation, we have you covered. We handle virtually any file format, including .XML, .JSON, .YML, .PO, .PROPERTIES, .RESX, and more. Our skilled linguists and advanced technology work hand in hand to deliver accurate and culturally nuanced translations, preserving the integrity of your content in any format.

Localization Services - The Localization Process

The localization process dives far beyond a simple content or website translation. to assure complete accuracy and cultural acceptance with item that recelves our localization services, the localization specialists run the project through this series of events

Content Analysis

Examine all elements of a product and highlight specific aspects ths need adaptation

Content Management

Pull aspects that will receive localization from the original format

3-Step Translation Process

1.Translator translates the project

2.Editor check the translations and makes edits to ensure accuracy within all elements of the language

3.proofreader checks the project and confirms that all localized aspects are consistent with the product itself

Desktop Publishing

Ensure that the visual impact matches the message with the newly implemented content

Back Conversion

Convert Content back into its original format

Speedy Delivery

Run project through a meticulous quality assurance check to make sure not a single error occurs with language or adapted elements

In-Context QC

Check final format to confirm that the conversion did not cause any corruption


Deliver the final product to you, the customer, and make sure it attains your approval

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